Pittie reunites with human
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Pitbull starts trembling when he sees who is through the window

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A dog who went missing for 10 months has reunited with his humans. And he couldn't have been any happier to see them. 

Warning: this next clip is a real tear-jerker. It shows the adorable moment when a Pittie called Conway finally came home. 

He went missing from the Florida residence of Taylor and Emmitt Butts all the way back in December 2021. That's such a long time for a dog to be all alone.

Wishes do come true

Taylor and Emmitt thought they'd never see Conway again. But just a few weeks ago, police found him on a street just 30 miles from his family home.

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Officers said Conway looked 'skinny, exhausted, and desperate for help.'

They took Conway to the vet for a check-up. Despite clear signs of malnourishment, he was in relatively good health. He was going to be okay.

And then came the big question: was this dog microchipped? 

Of course, he was! Taylor and Emmitt are responsible pet owners, so it only took one quick phone call to reunite Conway with his people.

Taylor and Emmitt collected Conway from the local police station. And the reunion was, in a word, adorable.

Footage filmed by an officer shows the moment Conway sees his humans through a window. His tail starts to wag. Then his butt begins to wiggle. Conway can't quite believe that this is real.

The power of microchips

But it is! He runs toward them, and the whole family enjoys a long overdue group cuddle. This is what love looks like!

"We're just so relieved to have him back," said Taylor. "Our family wasn't the same with him gone. Conway will get many kisses, hugs, and snuggles in the coming days. We will never be out of our sight again."

If your pooch doesn't have its microchip, please (PLEASE!) don't put it off any longer. Seriously. These things really work. 

They are THE SINGLE BEST WAY to make sure a runaway or stolen dog can return to where they belong: home! 

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