Two blind kittens
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Pair of blind cats surprised when they discover where they're being taken

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Two kittens who lost both their eyes due to infections have won a legion of online fans and a forever home together.

With so many pets looking for new homes, it can be hard enough to find a family to adopt you, especially when you are blind.

Eye infections

Bubbly and Rowan are two adorable kittens who are both missing their eyes. When Rowan arrived at the shelter, he had severe infections in both eyes that weren’t responding to treatment. Sadly, both eyes had to be removed for the cat’s comfort. Bubbly, meanwhile, was found outside on the street with a perforated eye, and then the other eye began to collapse when she contracted a serious infection. Both eyes had to be removed.

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When the cats were introduced to each other after their surgeries, they quickly bonded and became best friends, relying on each other for comfort. The pair were rarely apart.

Purrfect new life together

After everything the cats had been through in their short lives, the shelter staff were keen for them to find loving forever homes. Adopting a blind cat is not much different to adopting a cat with sight. Cats are excellent at adapting to not being able to see. Their already strong sense of hearing, smell and touch become even stronger as blind cats utilise these senses even more. Bubbly and Rowan are just like any other cats. They love to cuddle, explore and play with anything with a bell.

The shelter posted a photo of the two little kittens online and was inundated with comments from Facebook users exclaiming how adorable the pair were.

Fortunately, these two best buddies didn’t have to wait long to get good news. Just one day after the shelter shared their story, a family asked to adopt both of them so they could continue living their best lives together.

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  • Sandraoynswilson
    This is a heart wrenching story but the good lord found them their together home. The family who adopted them both need to be congratulated on their love.Can I send a donation. I live in England.
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