Woman notices mysterious holes in her dog's skin and quickly takes him to the vet

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While her dog was playing quietly in the garden of her house, Hayden Howard noticed something intriguing and unusual on Jackson, the English Mastiff puppy.

By Justine Seraphin

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Hayden and her English Mastiff, Jackson, live together in Indiana.

One day, Hayden noticed something was wrong with her dog: He had lots of little spots on his skin.

Insect bites?!

On initial inspection of her dog, Hayden thought that the small holes on her dog's skin and fur were insect bites.

However, when she looked closer, she realised that her dog Jackson had been shot repeatedly. His body was riddled with bullets. Someone had shot him while he played quietly in the garden.


Hayden quickly recovered from the sadness and anger which overtook her when discovering her beautiful Jackson had been hurt, and decided to take him to the vet where he could be examined urgently.

The veterinarian removed no less than 27 bullets, but Jackson was likely to still have 20 more which were too difficult to access. A total of 70 shots were fired at poor Jackson, who had not hurt anyone.

After a quick investigation by the police, the weapon was found at a neighbour’s home. It was later found out that this man had already been convicted of crimes in the past. He now faces a heavy sentence for the way he treated Jackson.

For his part, Jackson is feeling much better and is slowly recovering. We’re glad that he's safe with his owner Hayden.

Watch the video below for more information on Jackson’s story:

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