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Watch: Chimpanzee attacks Cane Corso, the dog's reaction leaves us speechless

Chimpanzee attacks pitbull dog-wow
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After watching this video, you may change your mind about Cane Corsos, but above all, you may see chimpanzees differently! Expect to see the unexpected!

By Justine Seraphin , 2 Sep 2019

Cane Corsos are sometimes considered a dangerous breed in the UK. While it is true that Cane Corsos have the potential to be extremely dangerous, due to their size, strength, and hard-headedness, they are in reality very loyal and affectionate dogs. Remember, ‘bad’ dogs usually come from bad owners. A well-trained and well-socialised animal can be the most well-behaved of pets, regardless of the breed.

An unexpected attack

Cane Corsos, apart from being big, loving balls of muscle, are also known for their reserved, laid-back personalities. Both traits you will clearly see in the following video.

In the video, you can see a chimpanzee in a back yard with a full-grown Cane Corso dog. The ape is definitely playing rough and looking for a fight, but the dog, however, reacts in the most unexpected of ways.

A unique couple

Instead of reacting aggressively to this large animal’s taunting, the dog remains completely calm. No matter how much the young chimp throws himself onto his adversary, the dog remains gentle and placid. The images are far from the bloody ones you might expect with a ‘dangerous dog’ – in fact, they are downright heart-warming – there’s nothing like an inter-species friendship to put a little sunshine in your day!

The video is proof that Cane Corsos aren’t inherently dangerous dogs. They can be just as playful, patient, and kind as any other breed. As we always say, it all depends on the training!