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Is it a lion, wolf or human? Meet the Maine Coon that’s set the internet alight

Vivo the Maine Coon cat cat-happy
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With his majestic mane and noble features, this young cat has stolen the hearts of social media and it's not hard to see why. I mean, just look at those eyes!

By Zoe Monk

Published on the 30/08/2019, 20:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:42

Meet Vivo, the beautiful three-year-old Maine Coon who can already boast 10,000 Instagram followers.

Steely yellow stare

It’s thought that the elegant feline lives in Guangzhou in China with his devoted owners Robert and Izabelle Siika.


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It’s not just his striking noble features that have got everyone’s attention, but his steely yellow stare has made him the talk of social media.


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It’s thought that the name ‘Vivo’ translates to ‘I live’ in Latin and ‘alive’ in Spanish. Both appropriate for this imposing yet graceful beast.

Royal feline

Instagram followers describe him as looking “part lion, part wolf and part human” while others say he looks like royalty.

On his very own Instagram account, you can see numerous pictures of Vivo looking incredibly majestic and shaking his long luxurious fur in slow-motion videos before making eye contact with the camera and giving his best fierce feline stare.


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King Vivo

It’s impossible not to feel that you are in the presence of royalty, as one person posted, “If a royal bloodline exists for domestic cats, Vivo is their King.” Another poster added, “I would follow this regal beast into battle anywhere.”


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Oldest natural breed

His beautiful fur means that Vivo is likely to be a black smoke Maine Coon, one of the oldest natural breeds in North America. Established over a century ago, the breed was adopted as the state animal for Maine in 1985.

There are many theories about the origins of the Maine Coon. Some believe they were descendants of Marie Antoinette’s pet cats. Some think they are the result of a sailor named Coon, who stopped in Maine in the 1700s, and whose cat mated there with local cats. However, most people consider the cat to be a product of a combination of long-haired cats and short-haired domestic cats brought to the US by New England seamen and possibly even Vikings.


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Maine Coons are well known for their large size! Male Maine Coons can reach up to 25lbs, while females average around 9-12lbs, reaching full size until between three and five years old. Males can average between 13 and 18lbs in total, with some even reaching up to 25lbs. Meanwhile, females are between 9-12lb. The cats don't reach their full size until the ages of three to five.

But bigger than their size - Maine Coons have HUGE hearts. And they are certainly lookers!