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Guy kicks a stray, a few hours later, the dog gets sweet revenge

Dog chews on car frame dog-wow
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Some people don’t respect pets at all. That’s definitely the case for the man in this story. But luckily, fate (and a pack of dogs) got him what he deserved in the end.

By Justine Seraphin , 30 Jul 2019

The event took place in China. A man wanted to park his car, but a stray dog stood in the parking spot he was aiming for.

A kick that took a wrong turn

Instead of kindly moving or luring the dog out of the parking spot, the man thought it wise to get out of his vehicle and kick the poor animal to get him out of his way.

The cruel act was effective: the terrified pooch ran away from the man as quickly as possible – and the driver nonchalantly backed into his parking spot.

Payback was well-deserved

According to neighbours, the dog later returned to the scene of the crime with a pack of dog friends. The group of dogs then proceeded to chew on the frame of the vehicle, as well as its windshield wipers, and anything else within their reach.

The dogs definitely achieved in getting vengeance on the guy that beat up their friend – and who probably returned to a beat up car.

This is an important lesson in life: don't bully others, Karma always comes to bite you in the butt (or in the car - as the case may be)!