Mailman approaches gate, dog's reaction is completely unexpected

German Shepherd greets mailman dog-happy © Eric Andersson - Youtube

Some dog breeds have a worse reputation than others. This is often the case with German Shepherds for instance. Despite their incredible intelligence and loyalty, GSD’s have a bad rep, notably because of their wolf-like look and size. But remember, you cannot judge a book by its cover…

By Justine Seraphin

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Michael Collins has been living with his German Shepherd Kyza for several years. Although many are intimidated by her stature and decide to change paths when they walk by her house, Michael describes her as a real teddy bear, who very rarely barks and absolutely loves to be with people.

Every day, Michael is witness to an extraordinary scene

Steve distributes mail in the neighbourhood. If at first, he was quite wary of big girl Kyza (which is understandable for any mailman with a little experience under his belt), he soon saw the teddy bear in her. That’s when their every-day ritual began.

Mailman and dog become best fur-ends

Every time Steve brings mail to Michael’s house (and even when he doesn’t), he stops to give Kyza a little lovin’. Kyza is always ecstatic when Steve makes his way towards the gate, wagging her tail and getting within perfect petting range of him.

Michael decided to film this beautiful show of friendship one day and posted it on Facebook. In his post, he thanked Steve for always being so kind to his dog, and taking the time to stop and say hello, even when he had no mail to drop off.

The video of course has gone viral, with people all around the world melting at the sight of such a sweet bond.

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