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Cat owner sets up camera and discovers reason for his troubled breathing at night

By Ashley Murphy Content Writer

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A man set up a hidden camera to see what his kitty got up to during the night, and the resulting footage is pretty hilarious.

Cat owner Lomphonten Lomphontan lives in Thailand with his kitty, Achi.

He set up the camera to keep an eye on his beloved pet during the day. But, like cats,  Achi spent most of his day lazying around the house and napping. But when Lomphontan decided to check the nighttime footage, he saw a very different side to Achi.

This cat is a real night-owl

Being a nocturnal creature, Achi comes to life after the sun goes down. He also displays some very curious, but super cute, behaviours.

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As well as snuggling up to his sleeping owner, Achi has an unsettling habit of watching his human sleep. The little furry guy just sits there and stares at his owner. Achi then climbs onto Lomphonten's chest and paws at his face, before settling in for some nighttime snuggles. His favourite snuggle spot is right on top of his owners head!

Achi's owner told the Dodo: “I sat and watched [the footage] one night. It was very funny.”

He's got no plans to try and change Achi's after-dark activities. He thinks they're coming from a place of love and affection:

"I feel very much in love with him that he loves me like this," he said. “Its a show of love.”

Nocturnal creatures

Many Cats are nocturnal creatures, which mean they're active during the night. Cats are the opposite of diurnal animals, like us, who get their stuff done during the day. This is why many cats spend most of the day snoozing.  Some of them can sleep for up to 16 hours a day!

No wonder Achi has so much energy at night!

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