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Dry dog food containers help keep the kibbles fresh and full of flavour.

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What are the best dry dog food containers and storage containers?

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To ensure that your dog's kibble retains all its flavours and vitamins, it's important to store it in an airtight container. There are many different types of containers available! Here's a closer look at the most practical and effective kibble containers.

Keep it in an airtight container to ensure that your dog's dry food retains all of its flavours and vitamins. There are many different types of containers available! Here's a closer look at the most practical and effective dog food storage.

Your little puppy will soon be arriving at your home? Give them the welcome they deserve by buying an airtight container to store their food. They'll enjoy every meal! Don't hesitate to opt for a designer container that will blend well with your kitchen decor. There are round containers, square models, tanks with a handle and others with transparent walls. The most important thing is to choose a perfectly sealed box that is compact enough to remain discreet in the room.

This container will keep the dog food fresh while keeping the odours inside. The kibble stays safe from your dog's appetite - he can't help himself! Take a look at the dog food containers we have compiled in this comparison. You are bound to discover a favourite that your dog will not be able to live without!

How do I store my dog's food?

You should store your dog's food according to the manufacturer's instructions so that it retains all its health benefits! Storage methods differ according to the type of food: wet and dry food is not the same.

There are several ways to store kibble. As long as the bag is sealed, store it in a dry place at room temperature. The dry dog food should not be exposed to light, but the airtight walls of the bag should be enough to keep it dark.

Once the bag has been opened, pour the dry food into a container or storage box. This will keep the kibble airtight and keep it from oxidising. In addition, the kibble will retain its enticing flavour and aroma.

How long can dog food be stored?

As long as the bag of kibble or the pouch of wet dog food is closed, you can keep it for several months. The food is packaged in a protective atmosphere, which keeps the good quality of the kibble inside the bag.

However, as soon as the bag is opened, the shelf life of the kibble decreases. As a general rule, your pet has one month from the date of opening the packaging to consume all the kibble. If you only have one pet, avoid purchasing a bag of kibble that is too big, as you may have to throw away the bottom of the packet.

The shelf life of kibble varies depending on the brand and type. Always check the manufacturer's recommendations to find out. They are indicated on the package.

Is there a difference between the shelf life of dry and wet dog food?

Yes, dry food and wet food do not have the same shelf life after opening the bag. If your dog does not eat the entire portion of wet food at once, store the rest in the refrigerator. Under these conditions, opened wet food can be stored for up to a week.

Kibble does not need to be refrigerated. Instead, keep it dry and in an airtight container. Dog food containers made specifically for this purpose are ideal. They are large enough to hold several litres of dog food and protect it from temperature fluctuations and bacterial infestation.

What are the risks of storing dog food incorrectly?

If you don't keep your dog's wet food in a cool place, it will spoil very quickly. It will be unfit for consumption after only a few hours.

Kibbles lose their quality very quickly if they are exposed to the air. The fats slowly oxidise, and the vitamins and fatty acids in the food disappear. In addition, mould and bacteria can grow in your dog's food. The food becomes soft and turns spoiled. In short, the kibble loses its taste, but it also loses its vitamin content! If you do not store your dog's dry food properly, you serve them poor quality meals with modified kibble. If your dog is grumpy, you'll know why!

As a result, a dog food container can make a significant difference in your dog's life.

Where should I put a dog food container?

There are many places you can keep your dog's food container. What matters most is that it is convenient for you! You will need to access the storage container between once and twice a day, so it should be placed in a convenient location.

There are numerous options from the kitchen cupboard, under the stairs cupboard, next to the dog's bowl, in the kitchen or the living room. It is up to you to figure out what works best for you.

What is important to know is where the container should not be placed. Even if it keeps the kibble away from the ambient air, it must remain at room temperature. Do not place it outside in the garden or on the balcony! The temperature variations between the heat of the day and the cool of the night could cause the kibble to go mouldy.

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