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Plush dog toys are a sure way to make your pet happy.

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Best soft dog toys in 2024

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Plush dog toys are a sure way to make your pet happy. Our little companions love soft toys, especially stuffed animals.

Soft dog toys are a must-have in the dog toy box, just like balls or chew bones. Stuffed dog toys come in different shapes, colours, with or without a squeaker. You can thus adapt your choice to your pet's personality. Some will use it as a release, and others will see it as a reassuring blanket, especially if you put your scent on it.

Another criterion to take into consideration is your pet's morphology. A squeaker toy seems like a perfect choice for a feisty Labrador. A soft teddy bear will please a reserved Chihuahua. If you have a puppy, opt for indestructible models. Whether it's for Christmas, your pet's birthday, or just for fun, a dog toy always makes a great gift!

Why do dogs love soft dog toys?

Dogs are playful animals. That is why they need balls, Frisbees, ropes, and anything else they can play with. But stuffed animals hold a special place in their hearts. All dogs adore them, but not all for the same reasons.

Some dogs love their softness, so they'll take the toys into their baskets and curl up with them for hours. For shy pets, soft toys work the same way as for young children. If you have an anxious animal, place the toy in your own bed for a night so that it absorbs your scent. That reassures the dog in the absence of its owners, much like a cuddly toy children take to daycare.

Other dogs like them because they can grab them and play with them. In this case, they may not last very long if the quality is not good enough. Unfortunately, soft dog toys are not always indestructible.

What are the different types of soft dog toys?

There are many types of soft dog toys. Their shared distinctive feature is their softness, but they sometimes feature different textures. Some have rope limbs for a better jaw grip.

Next, there are silent and noisy dog toys. The noisy ones make sounds thanks to small squeaky mechanisms, crunchy fabrics or bells. Naturally, pets find them very exciting, but humans may grow tired of the noise. It makes sense to invest in different soft dog toys, with or without squeakers, to use in specific circumstances. A noisy stuffed animal will be less annoying in a large garden than in the house in the middle of the night.

As for the design, everyone is bound to find something for their taste: from llamas to elephants and carrots.

Why should I buy a dog cuddly toy?

A plush toy is a practical dog toy that will accompany your pet throughout its life. Soft dog toys have several benefits, such as reassuring anxious animals and entertaining excited ones.

They are ideal for puppies, thanks to their softness and lightness. In addition, these toys are educational and can come in handy during training sessions. They may also have a therapeutic effect on puppies who can chew on them when teething.

Soft dog toys are usually very practical. Firstly, they can be machine washed, so you can say goodbye to dirt and odours. Secondly, they are light and fit easily into a suitcase.

Finally, a soft dog toy is pretty and unique, just like your companion. With so many shapes, colours and designs, you are spoilt for choice.

How do I choose a soft toy for my dog?

Select a plush toy according to your dog's personality, size and your own tolerance to squeaking.

Do not underestimate the importance of your dog's safety. Our companions quickly rip open a toy and swallow foam, fabric, or even a squeaker or a bell. These incidents can be dramatic and lead to intestinal obstruction. You should, therefore, make sure that the toy is solid, especially at the seams. As a general rule, dog owners are recommended to supervise play sessions. You should also check the toy's condition regularly to avoid dangerous ingestion.

Unfortunately, some animals are very destructive and systematically damage their toys. In this case, avoid giving them a soft toy and instead opt for an indestructible plastic dog toy.

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