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Home euthanasia offers a calm and peaceful way to say goodbye to your beloved friend. 

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Home euthanasia for dogs in the UK: all about gentle pet euthanasia at home

By Greta Inglis Dog Behaviourist | Animal Behaviourist

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Making the decision to euthanise a pet is always difficult. With home euthanasia services, the process is as dignified and gentle as possible. 

Saying goodbye to a beloved companion is a heartbreaking experience for any owner.

Knowing that they are reaching the end of their time with you can be hard to process, with many people feeling upset at the prospect of their pet spending their final moments in a veterinary clinic.

Thankfully, increasingly more vets are offering home euthanasia services, which can help alleviate stress for both you and your four-legged friend.

How does at home euthanasia work? 

Having made the difficult decision to euthanise a beloved pet, you may want to consider the option of arranging for a vet to perform a home visit.

Arranging for your pet to be put to sleep at home ensures they are surrounded by familiar smells and the people they love in their final moments. The euthanasia itself will be pain free for your pet.

The process begins with a phone call from a care coordinator, who will gather information about your pet and explain the services available. Once you have a time and date in place, the vet will visit.

Your pet will be put under general anaesthetic, and your pet will gently fall asleep. The euthanasia itself will only be carried out once they are fast asleep and completely unaware.

A pre-euthanasia discussion

Some home euthanasia services offer a pre-euthanasia consultation.

During this discussion you will have the opportunity to prepare for what's to come, and to assess the timings you and the vet feel are appropriate to your pet. Some people find this extra level of support very helpful at such a sad time.

How much does home euthanasia cost? 

Costs may vary depending on the vet specialist in question, and they often depend on the size of the dog.

For a small size dog of under 20kg, the cost of euthanasia is around £200 for the process itself, onto which you will also need to add the cost of cremation at a pet crematorium. If you opt for a communal cremation, costs are significantly lower. An individual cremation, on the other hand, offers you the possibility of bringing your pet's ashes home with you.

How do I find a vet that will come to my house to euthanise? 

Some veterinary practices do offer the option of home euthanasia. You can ask your own vet whether they will visit you at home, as some do offer this option for end of life care.

Alternatively, there are many companies of caring vet specialists that offer dignified and peaceful pet euthanasia at home. Through your call with a care coordinator, you will be able to find out whether they have a mobile vet who covers your area, selecting a timeframe that works for you.

The vets providing the service are always there to ensure your much-loved pet has the most peaceful parting possible.

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