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6 small cat breeds

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Most tiny animals look really cute, and small cat breeds are just the same. Even dwarf, teacup and miniature cats are all classed under the small cat varieties. 

Different cat size classifications

A large, domestic house cat will usually weigh around 12 to 15 pounds. Likewise, a medium weight cat will be around the 10 pounds mark. However, small breeds and miniature cat breeds weigh only a third of this size. Tiny cats are generally the result of a genetic mutation. They are bred by taking the smallest kitties in the litter and then mating them with other petite cats. Over time, the breed size shrinks over the generations. 

Choosing a cat that will stay small

If you prefer a tiny cat to a large, gigantic beast, one of these 6 smaller cat breeds might just be up your street. No matter the size of the kitty, it’s very important that you do your research. You need to discover their characters and temperaments, not to mention any health issues that each breed may be prone to.

No 1. The Singapura breed

Considered to be the smallest cat breed in the world. An adult male cat will never usually grow to heavier than 7 pounds, while the smallest will weigh in at only 4 pounds. Originating as street cats in Singapore where they roamed wild. In more recent times, these wide-eyed, distinctive looking felines have been bred in the USA since the mid-1900s. Being related to the Abyssinian cat it has a very similar lean build. They make wonderful, fun-loving pets that are full of energy and like to climb.

No 2. The American Curl small cat breed

The actual curl in this tiny cat’s name refers to his cute ears. Not only are they covered by a fluffy tuft of fur but they also curled backwards. Unfortunately, it is these tiny curled ears that cause the most health issues for this kitten. As the inner part of the ear is more exposed, dryness and irritation can often be a nuisance. This breed of felines is a member of the American Shorthair cats. Although the male cats can be of medium build, the females are often less than 8 pounds in weight. 

No 3. The Munchkin petite cat

First of all, the body of this feline isn’t much smaller than a standard domestic cat. However, its short legs put it in the class of small cat breeds. Because of these stumpy legs, this beautiful cat looks as though he is ready to pounce. Although his short legs do hinder his speed, this tiny cat does love to run and jump. Both male and female cats should weigh less than 10 pounds. Their appearance comes in many colours and they have either long or short hair. 

No 4. Cornish Rex small cat breed

Looking like a very young kitten, with gorgeous crimped hair. With facial features very similar to the Siamese breed and likewise, copying their playfulness. This smart kitty is very strong on companionship and making his feelings known. There are many coloured coats to be found among the Cornish Rex, however calico shade appears to be the most popular. 

No 5. The Devon Rex small cat

With very similar characteristics to the Cornish Rex cat, the one thing that stands out is this cat’s huge personality. However, having a similar signature coat, larger ears and slender and small physique it looks very much alike. This small cat breed loves to not only walk on a leash like a dog but will also learn tricks. They do however have big appetites and are quite prone to obesity. 

No 6. Siamese petite cat breed

If you are looking for a “quiet” cat, the Siamese certainly isn’t your number one choice. This small cat is known to be a chatterbox and loves to converse with their owner. As very sociable felines, they do love being with people instead of being left alone. Characteristics include a slim, sleek figure with a short coat. In some cases, the Siamese cat will be acknowledged as a normal cat size, but often breeding will produce tiny-sized felines. 

Kittens that stay small

No matter how much this would appeal to many cat owners, no felines actually remain tiny. As a cat matures, they all get gradually larger. However, some small cat breeds are relatively tiny, even when fully grown. Miniature and teacup cats are known to be especially small felines. 

If you are looking for a new kitty from a small cat breed, you may have to wait quite a while. Many of these beautiful cats from this size group only produce 2 to 4 kittens each litter, due to their petite size. When space or neatness at home is a priority, a petite cat can certainly make living with a pet a whole lot easier. Of course, transporting and handling a little kitty is generally easier too. 

Keep in mind that cat size can be different depending on their genetics, diet and of course lifestyle. Likewise, any kitten born as the “runt” or “weakling” of any litter will probably remain on the small size, even as an adult cat.

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