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5 big cat breeds you will love

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We all love adorable tiny kittens, but have you ever been up close to a big cat breed? These giant, fluffy kitties are just as cute and they have enormous personalities to equal their size. 

The larger the better, and when it comes to big cat breeds, these huge pets are actually very similar to their wild family connections. Big cat breeds are physically heavier and larger than smaller-sized domestic cats. Because of these size genetics, they shouldn’t be classed as being obese or overweight. 

If you are considering a pet from a big cat breed

Before you go out and choose one of these felines from a large breed, such as a Persian or a Maine Coon for example, you need to do some research. There are many physical traits, such as hair shedding and other personality attributes that accompany any cat. It’s best to look at your lifestyle and family situation to make sure that a large cat will fit in. 

To help with your research for a larger than average domestic cat, we’ve put together some important details about 5 of the most popular, big pet cats. 

No 1. Bengal Cat 

You will notice with the Bengal cat, first of all, that some of the physical features are very similar to wildcats that live in the forests. However, this big cat still has the dependable, loving temperament of a domestic cat. He has the look of a wild jungle cat with a muscular physique and a spotted coat. The breed first made its appearance during the 50s and 60s, when a cat breeder inadvertently cross-bred a domestic male cat with a female Asian Leopard cat. In later years, the breed was further progressed and the huge cats were used for research into feline leukaemia. 

Characteristics: Very active, highly intelligent and often talkative. The Bengal cat looks for lots of interaction and attention. This big cat breed loves nothing better than scaling up as high as possible. Certainly very interactive with people and other pets too. You wouldn’t think it to look at him, but a Bengal cat can be quite loving and loyal to his owner.

Size: A male Bengal cat can reach over 9 kilos.

No 2. The American Bobtail big cat breed

As their name suggests, these enormous cats have a bobbed tail in addition to quite a wild look. Even though they appear to be very muscular and strong felines, they also have very playful and kind personalities. Because of their amiable characters, they are very sociable pets and get along well with humans and other animals. Known to have first been bred in the USA during the 1960s. 

Characteristics: The American Bobtail makes a fantastic family pet as they tend not to single out and shower their affection on just one person. Their beauty regime isn’t too demanding either. An occasional bath and light brushing is all that’s needed.

Size: An American Bobtail big pet cat (male) can reach up to 7-8 kilos while (female) will weight around 5 kilos. 

No 3. The Highlander big cat

However fierce these big cats look, deep down they are just playful pussies. They are an amazing choice for a family pet due to their silly antics and very sociable nature.

Characteristics:  As big cat breeds go, the Highlander is on the quiet side and is not very talkative. 

Size: a Highlander kitty can weigh more than 9 kilos

No 4. The Maine Coon large breed cat

This breed of felines is one of the oldest breeds to originate from the US. It is now the official state cat of Maine, in North America. Because of their extreme goofiness they make brilliant pets. Loving many activities and hanging out with their owners, they will even enjoy a game of fetch. History has it that the big cat breed originated from a mating between a raccoon mating with a cat, this is nigh on impossible. Early sailors who kept the cats on board their ships considered the Maine Coon to be a source of good luck. This was due to the cat having an extra toe (polydactyly) which was due to a genetic mutation. 

Characteristics: This breed of cats is quite prone to obesity if they don’t get regular exercise. Their glossy, heavy fur needs regular grooming and they do shed quite a lot of fur. 

Size: Weighing up to 10 kilos

No 5. The Ragdoll big cat breed

Although these cats are probably one of the largest domestic cat breeds around, their fluffy coat makes them look even bigger. The breed was first developed in California during the 1960s.Their name, the Ragdoll, is thought to stem from their ability to collapse at a moment’s notice, for a cuddle, just like a ragdoll. 

Characteristics: They appear to be very quiet cats, often relaxed and tolerant of other pets in the same home. Weekly grooming of their extremely fluffy coat is required.  

Size: The Ragdoll large cat breed can weigh over 9 kilos

So if you are looking for a new kitty addition for your home, should you consider a pet from the big cat breeds? Probably the first appeal is its enormous size. However, the personality of your new pet must play an important role. There can be a huge difference in the temperaments of various big cat breeds, so make sure that you do your research first. One sure way to make sure you understand the cat’s personality is to adopt an adult rescue pet. Obviously you won’t get the cute kitten stages, but you will see how big your cat is actually going to be.

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