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Pet hair can be tenacious, so it's good to know a trick or two on how to remove it from clothing!

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How to remove cat hair from laundry in the washing machine

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As much as we love our felines, no one wants pet hair-covered clothes. Fortunately, removing cat hair from clothes in the washing machine is possible.

We all love our feline friends. We let them lay on our beds, roll around on our furniture and sit on our laps for cuddles and strokes. But the one drawback is that it can mean that everything gets covered in cat fur and clogs up your machine's filter.

However, while getting rid of pet hair isn't as easy as just throwing everything into the washing machine, removing cat hair from clothes in your washing machine is easier than you may think. Here are our top tips for removing cat hairs from clothes in the washing machine.

Does the washing machine remove cat hair?

The good news is that your washing machine can effectively remove pet hair from your clothes. But you can look forward to better results and reduce the risk of clogging your machine's filters if you try to remove as much hair from your laundry before you put it in the washing machine. A quick way to start is just by shaking as much fur off the clothes before you put them into the machine. To remove even more hair and fur, you can also try:

Lint rollers

Lint rollers make it very easy to remove cat fur from your clothes and any type of upholstery. You can use them on your clothes before you put them in the washing machine.

Fabric brushes

Some fabric brushes are a great alternative to lint rollers, especially on more delicate fabrics, to remove pet hair before washing.

Rubber gloves

Wearing a damp rubber glove, gently rub over your clothing or fabric to remove hair, fur and lint from the fabric, which you can collect and put in the bin.

Sticky tape

Simply grab some sticky tape for a quick and easy way to remove left-behind cat fur from your clothes. Avoid using heavy-duty tape, which can leave a sticky residue behind. But some regular sellotape will work a treat.

Tumble dryer cycle

You might be more used to using your dryer after your washing machine, but putting in a load of laundry through a dryer cycle first before washing will loosen the cat fur so it can be collected in the dryer's lint tray. The anti-static properties of one of two dryer sheets will also help to repel the fur and catch it in your dryer's lint filter.

How to remove cat hair from clothes in the washing machine

You might be unable to get all the cat fur off your clothes before putting them in the washing machine. However, there are some very handy little tools you can use in your washer and dryer to catch the rest of that pesky fur.


FurZappers are reusable tacky silicone shapes that will collect fur and hair (even human) during a wash or drying cycle. Just put them into your washing machine or dryer, and the FurZapper will gently remove your cat's fur from your clothes. While they can be used with wool dryer balls, it's best not to use them with dryer sheets as they may end up sticking to the FurZappers.

Pet hair remover balls

Dryer balls help remove cat hair, dander and lint from your clothes and anything else you put in the washing machine or dryer. While most dryer balls are reusable, they come in different materials, including plastic, wool, rubber, foam and velcro.

What dissolves pet hair in the washing machine?

While your beloved feline's fur can get all over your clothes, it can also clump up and clog both your washing machine and your drains. Don't worry, though. There are some easy ways to dissolve pet hair in your washing machine. For example:

Distilled vinegar

Adding a cup of distilled white vinegar to your wash cycle will help to loosen any hairs and fur and keep your laundry clean. It also acts as a great disinfectant and deodoriser. If you don't like the vinegar smell, you can always add a couple of drops of a pet-friendly essential oil to the wash. 


Vamoosh uses active oxygen to break down cat fur in the washing machine, so your clothes, blankets and pet bedding is clean and fur-free. You just add one or two sachets to your machine drawer and your regular detergent and select a long hot cycle.

Regularly clean your washer and dryer

If you are frequently battling with cat fur on your clothes, keeping your washer and dryer as clean as possible will help. Make it a regular habit to wipe the inside of your washing machine and dryer. You can also put your washing machine on a short rinse cycle to ensure it stays clean. Don't forget to clean out the lint filter of your tumble dryer after each load, and if you think it's a particularly "furry" load, it's a good idea to stop the dryer midway through to clean out the filter.

So, there you have it. Whether heading off to the office or just a trip around the supermarket, with our handy tips, you can avoid being covered in cat hair and look as good as possible. Almost as good as your cat.

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