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5 grandmother's remedies to take care of your cat's coat

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Their fur is undoubtedly a reflection of your pet's health. It is therefore important to maintain their coats properly. Here are some tips from our grannies to guarantee a beautiful fur coat.

A cat's fur often has its own charm. This is all the more true when it is well maintained, beautiful, soft, bright and vibrant. But with spring comes moulting. As the weather becomes warmer, it causes an abundant loss of hair in the animal. In order to guarantee a healthy and new coat, it is therefore necessary to maintain it.

With the advice of our ancestors and a little elbow grease, you will see that giving your pet the chance to have a healthy and non-dull fleece can be a real breeze:

Home remedy 1: Good grooming secret: Talcum powder

Used for decades, this mineral powder resulting from the reduction of magnesium silicate into powder has, in particular, absorbent and mattifying properties. It allows babies to avoid having their buttocks irritated by their diapers and for most people to limit the sweat they produce in their shoes.

For all these reasons, it is a product that remains in the cupboards of just about every family. But did you know it had another capacity? For long haired cats, it is indeed able to untangle your cat's long, tangled hair! By what miracle? Well, quite simply: slightly sprinkled on your cat's coat, it absorbs the excess sebum at the origin of the knots... and thus facilitates its untangling.

Home remedy 2: Corn flour

An oily coat - as hair can be - is generally dull and does not exude health. Just like talcum powder, you can sprinkle your short haired cats fur with a little corn flour to absorb the excess sebum that has formed on their coat, giving it a dull look. Then comb their fleece to remove fat deposits and the remaining flour.

Home remedy 3: Old  remedy to care for your cat’s coat: Brewer’s yeast

In humans, brewers' yeast promotes hair growth by making it softer and shinier. What about the animal then? Well, it's the same thing: administered in the right dose, it guarantees a healthy coat, shiny with vitality, soft and well nourished!

Home remedy 4: A good grooming starts with  a good brushing technique 

It may sound a little silly said like this... but: regular brushing of your cat - from head to tail in the direction of the hair - helps to remove the dead hair on their back. By removing these, you allow their new coat to no longer suffocate under the old one and thus guarantee it a beautiful fur full of life, silky and well maintained.

Home remedy 5: A healthy, balanced and high quality diet

Grannies repeat it non-stop: the secret to beautiful skin, beautiful nails and beautiful hair is nutrition. Yes, everything goes through the meal bowl: the nutrients we ingest do not only nourish our stomach, our brain and do not only give us energy. They provide what is needed for the entirety of our organism. For the cat’s skin, it's the same thing. In order to maintain a beautiful fur, the cat needs a healthy diet adapted to their needs. It is important you feed your cat food that is not too greasy, it should ideally be rich in proteins, essential fatty acids, vitamin A and carbohydrates. Meat, fish and whole grain foods are therefore the best way to guarantee a beautiful, shiny and dense coat!

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