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Have you ever seen a Chimera cat? No? Well discover all about this mysterious cat breed.

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The Chimera cat: the mystery behind this beautiful feline

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We have all heard about the calico cat: a three-coloured feline that, along with a tortoise cat, have beautiful colours. What is rare though, is to find a chimera cat, a feline who has two colours on its face.

Cats are highly instagrammable animals, let's face it they are conquering the internet with their beauty and unique ability to be born models. But there is one type of cat whose rarity makes them especially beautiful: Chimera cats.

The Chimera cat is one of the most interesting cats in the feline world due to its perfectly symmetrical two-coloured face. To make it simple, they have two different hues on their face and / or body, which are often parted in a weirdly straight way.

What is a Chimera cat? 

According to Greek mythology, a Chimera cat is a fire-breathing three-headed monster. It is said to be a combination of a lion, a goat and a snake/dragon. According to the Iliad, an ancient Greek poem written by Homer, a Chimera is not a human, but rather an immortal creature with a lion as the head, a goat as the body and a snake/dragon as the tail that emits a high heat. Scientifically, the Chimera is by no means as monstrous and dreadful as Greek mythology describes it. In fact, Chimeras are just the product of a genetic anomaly.

According to genetics, a Chimera kitten is born from the fusion of two or more embryos at the earliest stage of embryonic development. This is a genetic mutation since it is a single organism that genetically fuses with its own fraternal twin. Other names given to these types of cats are "two-faced" or "two-faced" cats.

What makes up a Chimera cat?

Chimeras are two different embryos fused together during the first phase of pregnancy in the mother's womb. They have two types of DNA since they are supposed to be two different individuals. They are born after literally fusing their false twin with their own body. As a kitten, a Chimera's colour is not entirely visible and only becomes evident as it grows older.

How common are Chimera cats?

There is no worldwide census of Chimera cats, however it is known that cases of Chimera cats with a face as striking as Venus the two faced cat or Narnia are extremely rare. However, the phenomenon itself is not so uncommon.

According to scientists, "chimerism" can occur in the cat’s DNA and be noted, for example, in that the individual will have two different blood types. It may also be that the affected body parts are not visible, therefore you may be with a Chimera cat without knowing it.

This biological phenomenon can also occur in other species.

What is chimerism?

Basically because two embryos fuse in the mother's uterus at an early age, which causes them to become one with two different genetic contributions. That is, at the genetic level, a Chimera kitten is two cats in one. Of course, this is almost unlikely to happen, and Chimera cats are therefore extremely rare.

Heterochromia Chimera cats

By having genes from two different cats, in addition to being a two-colored cat, Chimera cats can also have heterochromia, that is, their eyes are each a different colour.

What is the personality of a Chimera cat?

Chimeras can make great pets. Despite the monstrous description of Chimeras in Greek mythology, they are generally excellent pets. The owners of the most famous Chimeras, Venus and Quimera, testify to the adorable and soft appearance of their fluffy little creatures.

Just like other cats, Chimeras enjoy being a typical feline: they like to sit on their owner's lap, curl up on soft pillows, and play with their owners. However, in some cases, Chimeras are a bit distant and independent, which means they can have fun without company.

The attitude and temperament of your Chimera will largely depend on the breed of its parents, as the Chimera is not a pure cat breed. Some are more distant, others are overflowing with curiosity and enjoy exploring their surroundings.

Is the Chimera cat for you: Price, adoption and chimera cat for sale

We have to be honest, even if you really want to have a chimera cat, you have to remember that they are not a breed, they cannot be bred, and this miracle happens rarely.

If you were wondering how much is a Chimera cat worth? We could not tell you because it will depend on where you find the feline. You might be extremely lucky and see one in a shelter, or a breeder might be selling one but at a very high price.

The truth is, taking on the task of looking for a Chimera cat is like looking for a needle in a haystack. But it is possible to adopt a Chimera cat in a shelter and pay adoption fees, this is what happened to Venus.

Famous Chimera cats

Chimera cats with two noticeable colours on their faces are so striking that they naturally became famous on social media. Some of the most famous Chimera cats ever presented to the world are Venus, Quimera and the amazing Narnia. They are followed by a lot of people on their social media accounts and are proudly showing off their unique beauty and endearing natures.

Here are our five of the most famous chimera cats on Instagram:

Venus the two faced cat

The amazing Narnia

Yaya, the half black half ginger cat

Luna the cat

Quimera the black and ginger cat

Are Chimera cats the same as calico cats?

Although it seems that calico or tortoise kittens could be Chimera kittens, the truth is they are not.

It should be remembered that calico cats have that tricolor coloration by a combination of the mother’s and father’s genes. Unlike the Chimera cat, which are two embryos that have fused.

With that in mind, we can understand that many believe that Chimera cats are tortoiseshell or calico cats, but this is not necessarily the case. In the same way, although the colour combination of a tortoise cat may seem Chimera, it is very difficult for this to happen.

In conclusion, Chimera cats are felines born with one colour on one side of their face and a completely different colour on the other side. This phenomenon is the result of a genetic condition where two embryos are fused with each other.

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