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Here is what you can expect when taking your furry friend to a cat groomer

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Cat groomer: What can you expect when taking your cat to a groomer

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Cat groomers are experts in ensuring your feline friend always looks like the cat's whiskers. But how much do you know about cat groomers and what they do?

It may seem like your cat already spends a lot of their day cleaning and preening themselves. After all, most moggies take a lot of pride in keeping a clean coat and enjoy nothing more than a good grooming session.

But even if your cat has a good grooming process already, giving them a little helping hand with a professional cat groomer's services will ensure that no areas get missed.

Can you take a cat to the groomers?

Yes, you can take your cat to the groomers. Our feline devotion has seen a rise in the number of cat grooming services available across the UK, offering either a salon or mobile service. Cat groomers will trim your cat's claws, clean their eyes and ears, bath them, brush and trim their coats.

Why should I take my cat to a groomer?

Taking your cat to a cat groomer may not have been something you've considered before. After all, your cat seems to do an excellent job of keeping themselves clean. But while your feline friend may be good at cleaning off any surface dirt, grooming will remove loose hairs, dust and dead skin and redistribute the natural oils in their coat. It can also help prevent their fur from getting tangled and matted and improve your cat's circulation. Long-haired cats such as Maine Coons and Persians often need regular brushing to prevent their fur from matting.

How often should you take your cat to the groomer?

Short-haired cats will usually do quite a good job of grooming themselves and only need to go to the cat groomer every so often. However, long-haired cats will need to see a professional cat groomer regularly to prevent knots from forming. How often you should take your cat to the groomers will largely depend on their coat and how quickly it becomes tangled and matted. It also depends on how often you brush your cat. Alongside visits to the groomer, you should brush your short-haired cats at least once a week, while long-haired cats will need daily brushing. 

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How much does it cost to get a cat haircut?

The cost to get your cat's hair cut by a groomer will vary from groomer to groomer. It can also depend on the thickness of the cat's coat and any matting issues, products used during the grooming process, the cat's size, age, behaviour and if they have any medical conditions. On average, you can expect to pay upwards of:

  • £40 (small cat)
  • £50 (medium)
  • £60 (large)
  • £70 (extra-large)

If your cat has a very thick and heavily matted coat, is old or particularly difficult to handle, then you may be charged an additional fee of up to £50.

Do groomers sedate cats?

Cat groomers don't sedate cats before a grooming session. If a cat is unsettled, a groomer will use their experience to relax the cat before they begin. They may also use a plug-in pheromone diffuser to help calm them. However, if the groomer is attached to a veterinary practice, then you may be able to have your cat sedated before grooming at an additional cost. Sedation is beneficial when a cat is very stressed, and its coat is very severely matted and will ensure they are calm and relaxed before being trimmed or shaved.

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What happens when you take your cat to a groomer?

If you plan to take your cat to a cat groomer for some pampurring, what will happen will largely depend on the condition of your cat's fur and what you ask the groomer to do for your feline. However, in most cases, cat grooming services include:

Brushing and trimming

Brushing and trimming are essential for long-haired cats as their fur can quickly become dirty or matted. The groomer will pay special attention to the areas your cat can't easily reach, such as their ears. The groomer will also inspect their ears and look for any skin conditions that need addressing.


It may not be a cat's favourite thing, but sometimes a full bath is necessary, and the groomer will safely bathe your cat, causing as little stress to them as possible.

Nail trimming

A groomer will trim your cat's nails to stop them from getting caught on clothing or furniture and prevent unnecessary stress (for you and your cat) around the home.

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Cat groomers have the skills and tools to tackle the dirtiest, tangled and matted cat fur you can imagine. But even if your cat just needs a good brush and a pedicure, a cat groomer will help you to keep your beloved moggy looking their best.

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