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5 Grandmother's Remedies to Effectively Get Rid of the Smell of Cat Urine

Ginger cat urine on carpet advice
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Their litter box is clean and yet, unfortunately, it didn't stop your cat from peeing on your carpet, floor or couch. Since then, despite everything, a bad smell of urine has persisted. Why don't you return to your grandmother's home remedies methods?

By Emilie Heyl

Updated on the 19/12/2019, 15:25

In addition to the traditional and very effective method of aeration, these few little things can effectively help you to get rid of the terrible scent of feline urea. No, it is not a question of putting your cat outside (on the contrary!) or bleach: the latter tends to attract cats so... use it instead to clean their crate in order to attract them!

Home remedy 1: Sparkling water

How can sparkling water be effective against bad smells? It's thanks to its salt content! So, don't hesitate to get the saltiest one you can find and apply it directly to where the urine stream took place: it will also bring the stain to the surface, making it disappear. Just let it work for a few minutes and then dab it well with an absorbent cloth.

Home remedy 2: White vinegar

White vinegar is THE "magic" product that all grandmothers have in their cupboards to maintain their homes. It disinfects, cleans, prevents bad smells from settling in... and is displeasing to the cat's refined sense of smell! So, do not hesitate to put a little bit of it in sparkling water (2 spoons of vinegar per 4 spoons of water) to loosen the surface that served as a urinal and let the mixture act a few minutes before absorbing everything to be sure that no smell remains. Chances are your cat won't be coming back to mark this place anytime soon!

Home remedy 3: Baking soda

Along with vinegar, baking soda is the second secret that all clever grannies share. It is a natural and affordable product that can be used anywhere in the home, for cooking and cleaning. Moreover, as much as it is effective against stubborn stains, it is also extremely effective in preventing unpleasant odours: it has the ability to stabilise the pH of acidic and highly basic solutions... which prevents the smell developing!

So, how should you apply it? Put two cups of baking soda in a pot of boiling water and add 5 drops of tea tree essential oil... place the container in the centre of the room in which you can smell the cat urine until the container cools completely! The essential oil will clean the air while the bicarbonate will absorb the odours of the room.

Home remedy 4: Lemon

Like vinegar, lemon is acidic and rather corrosive. And in the same way, it cleans, disinfects, fights against bad smells and is an unpleasant smell to the cats. So, feel free to combine lemon juice  in a mixture of sparkling water and bicarbonate that you can then spray wherever the smell of urine persists to make it go away!

Home remedy 5:  Make a homemade repellent

Getting rid of the smell of cat urine is good. Preventing them from coming back is better! So that they don't mark their territory again, in addition to sterilisation/castration, think of... black pepper! If this condiment stings our noses, know that it has an effect on your cat's nostrils. Don't hesitate to infuse two generous spoons in half a litre of boiling water... then spray the cooled infusion on the carpets and other surfaces so loved by your cat. Usually, they shouldn't be coming back any time soon.