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Rescuer heartbroken by homeless puppy's distress at being apart from litter

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When rescuers encounter a litter of puppies in the snow, they realise that one of the pups desperately needs help, and it’s a race against time to save him.

Rescuers from the Russian-based dog rescue had heard there was a litter of puppies out in the snow who desperately needed their help. But little did they know what an emotional rollercoaster this rescue would become.

Rescue mission

No one knew how the mother dog and puppies had come to be outside alone, but the rescue shelter staff knew they had to help them, or the pups simply wouldn’t survive.

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Among the litter, there was one little white puppy that seemed to be struggling to walk. The mother dog was hugging it protectively, indicating to the rescuers that something was wrong with this little chap and he needed extra attention.

The mother dog and four healthy puppies were collected and taken to the animal shelter. However, the little white puppy was going on a different journey. As he had health problems, he would need to go further afield to get the care he needed – a 12-hour journey away.

But as the car with the four pups pulled away, something heartbreaking happened. Realising that his siblings were leaving him, the little white pup cried out, devastated that he’d been left behind.

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Happy ever after

The little pup was in good hands despite being separated from his siblings. The animal shelter decided to name the puppy Smiley and got a car to take him to the vet to be checked over. It was discovered that the poor little puppy had worms and rickets.

The puppy was immediately put on treatment, his little legs were put in casts, and he started massage therapy. Although it took a while, all the effort paid off, and little Smiley eventually could walk properly. 

While he may have had a difficult start in life, Smiley is now thriving and a very happy little dog. Smiley, his mum and all his siblings, have each found their forever homes where they can get all the love and attention they need.

Watch Smiley's remarkable rescue story:

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