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Little dog always sleeps with his food bowl because of his past

Dog sleeping with head on food bowl dog-sad © ERUpstairs - Twitter

The sight hits you right in the heart! The little dog’s most precious possession is his food bowl, which is why he also keeps it with him at night.

By Emilie Heyl

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Jack Russell Terrier mix Neville is now almost deaf and, at 12 years old, can hardly see anything either. Nevertheless, this adorable dog insists on always having his food bowl around him. The bowl is so important to him that his owner Susanne even helps Neville to carry it into his basket at night. And then the dog makes himself comfortable by lying his head inside the bowl.

You probably have guessed it, but this heartwarming sight has a sad backstory… Two years ago, Susanne had seen the Jack Russell Terrier mix on the website of a local animal shelter. He had been found in a pitiful condition. Neville was completely emaciated, neglected and had rotten teeth. But that didn’t stop Susanne from falling in love with Neville.

The little stray had never had a food bowl before

Susanne waited outside the shelter for three hours to make sure no one would snatch Neville away from her. When they looked into each other's eyes, it was love at first sight and the 10-year-old mongrel moved in with his new owner. But then his past struck.

First Neville tried to eat food directly from the floor or from the bowl of Susanne's second dog. She had to slowly teach him that he now had his own food bowl and would never go to sleep hungry again. Because every day he has his own portion of food waiting for him, which belongs to him alone.

Since Neville realised this, his food bowl is his most precious possession; no toy comes close. He carries it everywhere and loves to sleep in it at night.

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