Owner finds dog sleeping on her bed: What she does next leaves everyone stunned

woman holding whippet's legs while making bed dog-happy © Kathryn Cole Clark - Facebook

If you’ve ever known a sighthound, then you know that those dogs love one thing more than running: Sleeping. And it’s clear to see in this video.

By Justine Seraphin

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Making a bed alone is hard enough - add a dog into the mix and it becomes an even bigger challenge!

Making a bed with a twist

A young woman named Kathryn wanted to make her bed when she noticed that her dog was napping peacefully on top of it. 

Not wanting to disturb her precious baby, she decided to set up a camera and demonstrate how one could make a bed without actually moving the dog. And the resulting footage is absolutely hilarious!

Whippet is undisturbed

Every time Kathryn needs to access one side of the bed, she can be seen turning her dog over to the other side. And the funniest part is that her Whippet, Brooks, is absolutely fine with that! Instead of moving off the bed to let her mum make it in peace, she stays put, simply letting herself be tossed and turned to her mum’s convenience. 


It's clean sheet day!! Today I demonstrate how to change your sheets without disturbing your dog...too much. Starring Brooks, 7.5 month old whippet.

Posted by Kathryn Cole Clark on Wednesday, April 5, 2017

The team proved that you really should let a sleeping dog lie…even if they’re on YOUR bed! We haven’t tried this yet, but we’re up for the challenge!

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