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Owner devastated after her dog is put to sleep following trip to the groomers

cockapoo puppy in owner's arms dog-sad © R A Mukerjea - Shutterstock

It’s always scary to leave your dog alone with someone else, be it a dog sitter, a vet, or even a groomer. But nothing could’ve prepared this dog owner for what happened to her pup.

By Justine Seraphin

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Harry the 8-month-old Cockapoo was put to sleep in May after a trip to the groomers. 

What is a drying cage for dogs?

The puppy had been placed in a drying cage, which is exactly what it sounds like – a sort of box that blows warm air onto your dog to help them dry more quickly and efficiently. 

Harry’s owner, Lisa O’Neill, thinks this is what caused his untimely passing. Harry suffered from a collapsed intestine shortly after being put in said drying cage. Lisa is convinced her puppy suffered from high stress levels and heatstroke, which led to his blood being unable to clot.

Investigations deepen the mystery

However, the Scottish SPCA investigated the matter and found that heatstroke was not the cause of Harry's passing.

In the end, we’ll never really know what happened to poor Harry, but, his story has raised an important issue. As the SSPCA agrees, there needs to be more regulation for dog groomers. 

RIP little Harry. 

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