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Dog brings a dry leaf to a food vendor after seeing people pay with banknotes

black mixed breed dog with dry leaf in his mouth dog-happy © Coyutla,Ver - Facebook

Everyone knows dogs are extremely intelligent. But those who learn how to do things on their own, without any training, are by far the most impressive.

By Justine Seraphin

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A few years ago, a black mixed breed dog liked to hang out at a university campus in Colombia.

He especially liked to hang out by the cafeteria, where yummy food was sold to students daily.

Smart dog plots to buy his own food

The adorable dog would put on his cutest begging face, and when he was lucky, students would share their meals with him.

But after a while, the dog got tired of eating scraps. He wanted his very own portion. He had noticed that the students would hand the food vendors what looked like a green leaf. So he looked around to see whether he could find any. And sure enough, he did.

Dog amazes students at cafeteria

One day, the dog stood in line with all the other students, politely waiting for his turn to order. And when he arrived at the counter, he stood on his two hind legs and gave the vendors a dry leaf!

Amazed at the dog’s behaviour, the vendors gave him a treat in exchange, captured a few photos for evidence, and the dog soon went viral.

Of course, after succeeding once, the dog brought leaf after leaf after leaf to the counter. The vendors therefore decided to limit his intake to two treats a day – to limit his weight!

What a smart dog!

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