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Dog stares at owners all night for the most heart breaking reason

By Emilie Heyl Content Writer

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“The marks humans leave are too often scars.” John Green, The Fault in Our Stars. Fortunately, a brave dog got a second chance in life, despite his scars.

In order to find their ideal match, a family decided to go to a shelter to meet several dogs. It was then that they met an adorable Golden Retriever

They got back home with the adorable dog and everything seemed fine. The dog was affectionate, playful and seemed to be enjoying his new life. He only had one peculiar habit, even downright strange!

A dog that hardly sleeps

Every night when his humans went to bed, the dog stood in front of their doorstep watching them sleep. So far, nothing strange. But what was a little bit odd is that the dog stayed in the same place the next morning when his humans woke up. On the doorstep fixing them. And he would do this every night.

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The owners found this behaviour a little strange and started worrying about their dog. They decide to take him to the vet to talk about this funny habit and have him examined. The vet examined and told the family that their pooch was in perfect health. However, he was unable to tell them why the dog was watching them sleep all night. It was a mystery for everyone...

A real trauma

The family were still really intrigued by this, so they decided to go to the shelter where they adopted their dog and talk about this habit with them. And this is where everything became clearer. 

They learned that their dog had been drugged before being abandoned. One night, the dog's former owner drugged him to render him unconscious. The dog then woke up at the shelter, abandoned and alone. Since that day he has been afraid to sleep because he does not want to be abandoned again.

Under the shock of this story, the new owners decide to make their dog understand that they will never abandon him. They placed his bed right next to their bed. And after a few days, a miracle happened. The dog agreed to lie down in his bed and fell asleep, reassured.

Since then, the Golden Retriever has been able to sleep every night on both ears, without the fear of being abandoned or mistreated. A great victory for the whole family and for this dog who finally has the life he’s always deserved.

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