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Tourists see an octopus clinging to a wall: when they get closer, they are shocked!

animal attached to the shore cat-wow

During a boat trip, a family noticed an animal clinging to a wall covered in clams. At first, they thought it was an octopus, but they were wrong.

By Emilie Heyl

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In July 2017, a family was sailing in Beaufort County, South Carolina. As they approached the McTeer Bridge, they saw what appeared to be an octopus attached to the edge of the bridge.

As they came closer, they realised it was a small furry animal that was clinging to the clams.

It's not an octopus, it's not a crab, it’s a... cat

As Robert and his family swam to the bridge, they saw a little ginger kitten who had taken refuge in a shellfish formation, clinging to them tightly with its claws.

The kitten was trembling and very scared. When he saw his family coming to his aid, he began meowing desperately, begging for help.

They took the kitten to the boat and swam back ashore. On the same day, another kitten was found under the bridge.

The 6-week-old kitten was taken to the vet, but apart from minor wounds on his body, he was fine.

Robert and his family decided to adopt the kitten. The feline was named McTeer. After receiving a much needed bath, plenty of food and drink, McTeer snuggled up to his rescuers and fell into a long, well-deserved nap.

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