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Man on bike ride sees dog in forest; he quickly realises something is very wrong

By Justine Seraphin Country Manager

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Sometimes, it seems that fate has a little something to do with who we meet. And this dog is very lucky that fate played a part in his rescue.

Jarret Little was mountain biking with friends in Columbus, Georgia, when he took a break to rest and rehydrate.

That’s when, suddenly, a dog came stumbling out of the woods. But Little immediately saw there was something wrong.

Mountain bikers rescue dog in need

The poor dog was dirty and thin, and he dragged one of his legs behind him as he moved. The group of friends knew they couldn’t leave him there. So Little picked him up, strapped him to his back, and cycled him all the way back to town!

Once in town, they crossed paths with a woman named Andrea Shaw, who fell in love with the dog as soon as she saw him. She offered to take the dog to the vet.

The vet confirmed that the poor dog had a broken leg and toes – he had probably been hit by a car. Thankfully, his broken bones could be healed, though surgery would cost quite a lot. But that wasn’t a problem for Shaw, who immediately paid up!

From rags to riches

Within days, the dog, who was named Columbo, or “Bo” for short, was on the mend. But Shaw couldn’t just leave him there. After everything they’d been through together, she knew Columbo was hers. 

So, she set up transportation for him to come home to Maine with her. And now, Bo is living his absolute best life on the farm and with his loving forever family! 

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