Owner giggles when she realises why her dog loves going to pick up the mail

golden retriever standing in front of mail truck dog-happy © winniethegoldentoller - Instagram

Some dogs really don’t like strangers approaching their home. But others, like Golden Retrievers, would make terrible guards, because they just love getting visits from new people! 

By Justine Seraphin

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Winnie the Golden Retriever/Duck-Tolling Retriever mix is just as energetic as she is loving.

She basically loves everyone, even strangers. But there’s one person in particular who stands out in Winnie’s life.


Golden Retriever loves her mailman

The mailman is Winnie’s absolute favourite person. He comes by every day at the same time, and when he does, Winnie is on the front lawn waiting for him.

When Winnie’s mum first noticed her dog’s low-key obsession for the mailman, she started filming their adorable encounters. And she soon understood why Winnie loved the him so much.

The mailman doesn’t just drop off the mail and leave. He stops, gets out of his truck, and goes to pet his overjoyed waggly friend.

Treats over cuddles

Winnie can’t get enough of his attention, spinning around in circles, jumping up, and sometimes even laying on her back to get a belly rub. But her favourite part of the mailman’s visits is when he reaches into his shirt pocket. That’s when Winnie sits very still.

Because out of the mailman’s shirt pocket comes a delicious doggy treat! Sadly for the mailman, once the treat is in the picture, Winnie forgets all about him, running away with her prize. But we don’t think he minds. After all, he’s probably got lots of other dogs to go pet!

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