Cat dad approaches kittens’ bed: 52 million viewers hold their breath

scottish-fold-cats-with-kittens cat-happy

A video posted on YouTube shows a cat dad and a cat mum interacting with their new-born babies, and it’s absolutely adorable! It's impossible not to melt when watching it!

By Justine Seraphin

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The video shows a family of Scottish Folds. The babies are so young that they still have their eyes closed and can’t walk yet. 

Their mum, as all good mums do, keeps a close eye on them.

Cute moment for Scottish Fold family

This is, however, dad’s very first time seeing his babies. He seems to be both curious and a little shocked! He edges close to the bed to try and get a better look.

At first, mum isn’t too happy, hissing at him to let him know. But dad respects mum’s need for space and doesn’t move. He gives her the time she needs, and eventually, she warms up to him. She slowly climbs out of the bed to sniff him. He then licks her amicably, as if to reassure her.

Curious cat dad meets his babies

She then lets him sniff his babies and meet them for the first time ever! What an adorable family!

These moments are rare for cats. Usually, males do not stick around to help the females with the litter. Seldom do babies and fathers meet. But it looks like this cat has got the dad role down. Good for him!

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