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This photo is driving everyone crazy: What do YOU see?

brown leather handbag on floor dog-wow
© Hannah Murphy - Twitter

A photo shared in 2017 has been making its way back to virality due to its peculiar content. Everyone sees something different when they look at the picture…what is it you see?

By Justine Seraphin

Published on the 19/06/2021, 19:00

The photo was originally sent to Hannah Murphy by her mother, who was enjoying a nice lunch at a restaurant’s outdoor seating area.

Along with the photo, Hannah’s mother sent a message which wrote: “Take a look at that adorable Dachshund, he’s sleeping.”


Dachshund or handbag?

So far, so normal. So why does the photo have so many hits?

Well, it turns out that the “little Dachshund” is actually an optical illusion. In fact, it’s not a dog at all! Nope, the woman at the next table doesn’t have her pet at her feet…simply her leather handbag! Did you notice it right away?

Animal optical illusions

While her mum’s mistake made Hannah giggle, it turns out the photo has been confusing many! 

One person wrote: “When I first looked at the pic I thought it was a weird looking dog, to be honest,” and another added: “That’s one cute purse! And it doesn’t bark!”

It’s not the first time pets have gotten the internet confused. A few months back, there was a viral photo of what looked like a man wearing a backpack, and two years ago, there was a photo of a crow…or was it a cat?

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