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This optical illusion has got everyone scratching their heads. What do you see?

Man or black dog optical illusion dog-wow

What do you see?

© Ian Collins - Twitter

A photo posted on Twitter and Facebook is confusing the internet. But whether you see a man or a dog, it could all come down to what you are feeling right this moment.

By Zoë Monk

Published on the 20/02/2021, 21:00

It’s obvious. It’s a man running into the woods. Actually, could it be a black dog running out of the woods? 

The internet has done it again and left everyone scratching their heads with another optical illusion.

Viral optical illusion

It didn’t take long before the picture went viral after people couldn’t agree on what they saw. 

Check out the picture below:

To some people, the photo is clearly showing a black Poodle running out of the woods in the snow. 

However, other people are adamant that the picture is, in fact, of a man running into the woods. Some people believe the dog’s tail is actually the back of the man’s head, and he’s wearing a backpack.

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What you see reflects your emotions

The truth is it doesn’t really matter whether you see a man or a dog. However, what is interesting about the photo is what you see could say a lot about you as a person.

While your perception of the photo largely comes down to where your eyes initially focus on the image, your current emotional state also influences what you see.

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If you feel anxious, you will probably see a man escaping into the woods. Likewise, if you are a cynical person or don’t tend to trust people, you are more likely to see something moving away or a person acting disturbingly or suspiciously.

Meanwhile, if you see a dog in photos, you are likely to be feeling calm and more optimistic. You will tend to see something coming forward into your life and the dog enjoying being in the snow.

So, what do you see, a man or a dog?

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