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Car stops suddenly on the road: A door opens and something incredible happens

Dog getting into car dog-wow
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A driver captured the adorable moment when a car pulled up on the side of the road to help a stray dog. Now the former street pup is on its way to a much better life!

By Ashley Murphy

Published on the 15/06/2021, 21:00

Imagine the scene: You're running late, and traffic is terrible. Then just as you're about to pull off this busy road, the driver in front stops for no reason and blocks your exit.  

Then they open the passenger door, but nobody gets out. Instead, the car just sits there, making you even later than you already are! Can you feel the road rage simmering?


A paw-fectly good reason for pulling over!

This is precisely what happened to Jess Garcia as she was trying to navigate her way through one of Mexico City's busiest districts. But Jess didn't lose her cool. Because this car had a 'paw-fectly' good reason for pulling over! The driver was trying to rescue a street dog. 

A short clip posted on Youtube shows the unnamed driver coaxing the street dog into the car. Jess, who is filming the encounter from the car behind, then starts cheering as the dog hops in the vehicle and is driven off to safety.

We haven't got any details about who rescued the dog or how the pooch is doing. But one thing is for sure, living on the side of a busy street is no place for any dog. 

Life is tough for Mexico's street dogs

Unfortunately, this is the situation for many dogs trying to survive in Mexico City. Last year, Mexico City authorities captured around 20,000 stray dogs per month. Only a small percentage of these are ever rehomed. The rest are euthanised.

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It sounds cruel, but local authorities are in a difficult position. Many of Mexico City's street dogs are feral and pose a serious risk to humans. The Mexican government is currently working on plans to reduce its wild dog population more humanely.