Can you spot the cat hiding in this picture that's confusing the internet?

Cartoon picture of woman holding broom cat-happy © OwnedByNox - Reddit

People have been scratching their heads over this confusing illustration as they try to find the cat that's hiding in it. Can you spot the elusive feline?

By Zoë Monk

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Our feline friends have no problem hiding in the background if they want some time on their own or just don't want their owner to find them for whatever reason. Cats seem to have the uncanny knack of being able to squeeze into the most unlikely spaces.

This real-life cat characteristic has been reflected in a picture that's got everyone perplexed.


Puzzling picture

Since a Redditor posted the cartoon-style picture online, it's been baffling people around the world. At first glance, it's just a picture of a woman holding a broom in front of a door and wall, and she is standing next to a silver bucket.

But take a closer look, and you may be able to find a sneaky cat lurking.

Apparently there’s a cat in this picture, I can’t seem to find it. Any help? from r/puzzles

Cat spotter

If you can't spot the cat, don't worry, you aren't alone. Not everyone seems to be able to find it. But once you know where it is, it will jump out at you every time you look at the picture.

If you are still struggling to locate the elusive feline, then here's a hint for you. Rotate the picture 90 degrees clockwise and look again.

Does your cat always hide? It's not that they don't like you, your cat might just be shy.

Still stuck? Look between the woman's head and the top of her broom, and you should see the distinctive shape of a cat on the wall.

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