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Watch: Woman goes into the shelter for a GSD, comes out with a kitten

white and tabby kitten clawing at shelter bars cat-wow
© psychicflea - Reddit

When this woman walked into the shelter, she had no intention of walking out with a kitten. But his cries were unbearable – she just couldn’t leave him there.

By Justine Seraphin

Published on the 17/10/2020, 18:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:24

This incredible big-hearted woman transports animals from shelters to their foster homes. When she visited this Texan shelter, she was actually going to pick up a German Shepherd to drive it to its foster home.

But when she heard the piercing cries coming from the cattery, she couldn’t help but stop and investigate.

Singleton kitten

When she entered the cattery, what she saw broke her heart. A tiny white and tabby kitten was all alone in one of the cages. Young kittens do better when they’re with brothers and sisters…but this poor little guy was as lonely as could be.

And you could tell he didn’t like it! He meowed and meowed, climbing onto the bars of the cage desperately, as if trying to escape. Due to Covid restrictions, the woman wasn’t allowed to touch him and reassure him, which made everything so much harder.

Last minute adoption

That’s when she thought “oh never mind” and adopted the kitten right then and there. She couldn’t keep him forever, but she thought she’d just cross that bridge when she got there.

So she walked out of the shelter with a GSD and a surprise kitten, who was much happier once he was on the other side of the shelter bars! And soon after leaving the shelter, his saviour found the perfect foster family for him, where he could grow happy and confident in a loving environment. What a beautiful ‘tail’!