A single desperate meow during a storm changes a kitten’s life forever

It was a stormy day when a couple heard meowing coming from the back of their garden. They instantly had a suspicion it could be a cat who was taking refuge from the rain.

By Justine Seraphin

Published on the 30/08/2020, 21:00

They went to inspect the area and instead found a tiny shivering kitten clinging onto a tree branch.

Kitty saviours

Though the little kitten was terrified, the couple armed themselves with patience. Within a few minutes, they were able to catch the kitten and bring it into the warmth and safety of their home.

It didn’t take long before the couple realised that something was wrong with one of the kitten’s eyes. It was swollen and filled with pus, so the couple drove the little kitten to the vet’s. Turns out the little sweetheart had a serious eye infection, and there was no other way to relieve her pain than to surgically remove her eye. The couple didn’t hesitate to pay the bill, and grew so attached to the little feline that they decided to take her home after her operation, permanently.

Happy ending

The couple named the little cat Calypso. Though she was timid at first, she grew more and more comfortable as the weeks went by. 

Now she follows her paw-rents everywhere, and loves nothing more than to cuddle with them on the sofa or on the bed. Sounds like this was a match made in heaven!

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