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Warwickshire: Fat cat amazes owner after shedding pounds with swimming (video)

By Zoë Monk Content Writer

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A formerly hefty feline named Moses is celebrating his newfound agility after taking a dive into swimming lessons to shed some pounds. 

At a hefty 9.7kg (21.3 lbs), the nine-year-old ginger cat embarked on a hydrotherapy journey at the Avonvale Veterinary Centre in Wellesbourne, Warwickshire, under the care of his owner Jenna Joshi.

Weight-loss journey

Despite Jenna's efforts with a controlled diet and exercise, Moses showed no signs of slimming down until he hit the pool.

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"I’d been keeping him on a strict diet, but this didn’t help at all," Jenna explained. "He just was not interested in going outside, exercising or playing with toys."

The decision to try hydrotherapy came from Jenna's colleagues at Avonvale. The veterinary hydrotherapist, Olivia Stokes, admitted that cats typically aren't fans of water.

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Fitter feline

Not surprisingly, Moses resisted, but with time and encouragement, he took to it like a pro. Moses will now happily sit in the tank, waiting for the water to rise.

After six weeks of hydrotherapy, Moses has shed nearly 1kg (2.2 lbs), bringing him closer to a healthier weight. Jenna is thrilled with his progress and proud of his dedication to his swimming sessions.

Here's Moses in action during one of his hydro sessions:

Well done, Moses!

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