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Woman finds kitten in basement; she checks security camera and is amazed (video)

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A woman in Massachusetts recently stumbled upon something very unexpected in her basement: a two-month-old kitten.

Confused by the tiny feline's sudden appearance, Elizabeth Egeland checked the security camera in the basement for answers.

Special delivery

What Elizabeth discovered left her stunned. 

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The footage revealed a stray tomcat, who Elizabeth nicknames Red, entering through the basement window with the tiny kitten in his mouth. Red, a frequent visitor to Elizabeth's home, had seemingly decided to deliver her a surprise gift during the night.

Despite extensive inquiries, Elizabeth couldn't track down where the kitten came from. However, Red's timely delivery was just in the nick of time as a storm swept through the area shortly after. 

While she may already have her hands full with her other pets, Elizabeth was determined to help the kitten named Fluffernutter.

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Extraordinary tale

Remarkably, Red continues to play a role in Fluffernutter's life. He often visits Elizabeth and the kitten and has amazed everyone with his nurturing instinct and attentive behaviour during the kitten's feeding times.

Thanks to Elizabeth's care, Fluffernutter is thriving and loves exploring her surroundings. She's even got a home lined up, too – the sister of Elizabeth's boyfriend plans to adopt the kitten once she's weaned.

But while Elizabeth will still be able to keep in touch with Fluffernutter, she will always cherish the security footage that captures the extraordinary tale of how Fluffernutter came into her life.

Here's the incredible security footage of Fluffernutter's arrival:

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