A very young bobcat

Hiker finds abandoned kitten only for rescue to discover he's made a big mistake

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When a rescue volunteer is called to help an abandoned kitten, it doesn't take him long to realise that this wasn't a domestic cat he was dealing with.

David Loop runs the cat rescue Sierra Pacific Furbabies and, as you can imagine, is very experienced when dealing with felines.

Surprise discovery

So when a hiker contacted David after finding a little kitten, he was very happy to help. But David would soon discover that what the hiker had found was not what he had expected.

Instead of a domestic cat, it was a bobcat. Despite looking very similar to a young domestic cat, David, accustomed to working with cats and kittens, immediately realised this was something else.

David swiftly contacted Leslie Triplett, a wildlife rehabilitation specialist at Pond Digger Ranch Wildlife Rehabilitation.

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Getting ready for the wild

The 5-week-old bobcat had been found wandering alone and it was clear that it needed specialist care as bobcats typically don't leave their dens at such a young age unless there's a good reason.

Leslie took over the care of the young male bobcat, giving it all the proper care needed for his eventual release into the wild. To help get the bobcat ready for the release, Leslie organised for it to spend time with another young rescue bobcat to help it learn to interact with its own species.

Thanks to Leslie and her team and David's quick actions, the bobcat is well on his way to learning the skills he needs to survive in the wild.

Good luck bobcat! 

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