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After a three-month search for missing cat, couple spot something familiar on TV

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A couple from South Devon have joyfully reunited with their missing cat, Tigger, after spotting him in the most unlikely of places.

The one-eyed feline disappeared in October 2023, causing his owners, Mike and Marilyn Chard, to worry that the cat had “gone off to die.”

Missing for three months

Tigger was adopted by the couple 12 years ago as a stray with one eye and a bent tail. 

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After the cat had been missing for three months, the couple’s relief came when they saw Tigger on television. The Gables Dogs and Cats Home general manager in Plymouth held him during an item on BBC Spotlight.

It’s believed that Tigger had experienced an epileptic fit during his outing the day he disappeared, and a Good Samaritan discovered him semi-conscious the following day and took him to the RSPCA, who then handed him to Gables.

No microchip

But because he wasn’t microchipped, the rescue centre couldn’t contact his owners.

The couple, 100% certain of Tigger’s identity, promptly reclaimed their beloved pet, nicknamed ‘Bovi-Mort’ during his stay at the charity. Back home, Tigger has been microchipped to ensure a swift reunion if he ever goes missing again. 

The Chards are delighted to have Tigger back, and while he took a few hours to readjust, he’s now “just back to normal”, purring contentedly in his familiar surroundings.

Welcome home, Tigger!

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