Garden bird table covered in snow

Woman gets a huge surprise when she starts feeding birds in her garden.

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A woman starts feeding birds but an entirely different animal appears in garden

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When a woman began leaving food for the birds in her garden during winter, she didn't expect the birds to have to share their feast with an uninvited visitor.

The woman called Dagmar L. lives in the small town of Oelixdorf, northern Germany. 

Bird feeding

She was concerned that the birds who visit her garden may not have enough food during the winter, so she began putting out bird feeders for them. 

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However, to her surprise, a feline intruder, later named Bob by Dagmar L., became a regular guest in her garden, initially skittish and disappearing at the sight of humans. As winter progressed and the snow fell, the hungry ginger cat overcame its wariness and sought comfort, eventually finding a temporary home in Dagmar L.'s bathroom.

Bob the cat

Christmas miracle for Bob

Despite the unexpected addition of Bob to her feline family of five, Dagmar L. faces a dilemma. With a vacation looming and her family hesitant to welcome a sixth cat, she hopes for a Christmas miracle. She describes Bob as super nice, doesn't scratch, uses a litter box, and is not picky about food.

As she prepares to part with her new feline friend, Dagmar L. fervently wishes for Bob's owner to surface or for a Christmas miracle to find him a loving home.

Will Bob get a Christmas miracle? Only time will tell.

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