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Kitten meets tiny chicks for the first time and melts everyone’s heart (video)

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It might be the most adorable thing you’ll see on the internet today: a cute little chick is charmed by even tinier kittens when they meet for the first time.

The adorable little British Shorthair kitten is called Kiki, and she recently encountered a group of tiny chicks. Fortunately for us, the encounter was captured on video.

Little kitten meets tiny chicks

The charming interaction unfolded as Kiki approached the incubator housing the fluffy newcomers, gently patting the glass with her tiny paws. The little feline and chicks were immediately curious about each other.

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Astonishingly, even as Kiki tapped the glass with her paw, the chicks showed no signs of fear.

The chicks were then removed from their enclosure for an up-close meeting with their new feline friend.

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Little Kiki appeared to tower over the chicks as they explored the green rug, all the while displaying a gentle playfulness. The kitten’s fascination with the chicks’ feet made the encounter even more adorable.

Unlikely playmates

At one point, Kiki lies on her side as she watches the chicks, playfully touching the little birds and even allowing them to climb onto her back.

Here's the must-see video that everyone is cooing over:

The five-minute video has amassed 7 million views and over 46,000 likes on YouTube. Viewers were enchanted by the adorable interaction, with comments pouring in about the heartwarming cuteness and playful camaraderie between the chicks and kitten. 

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