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This cat is desperate to avoid bath time.

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Cat has to take a bath: his escape leaves the internet in stitches (video)

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A hilarious video making the rounds on the internet captures the comical escapades of a tiny cat desperately avoiding bath time.

The feline resistance begins when a determined woman carries the reluctant cat into the bathroom. 

Escape attempt 

As the woman prepares the bathwater, the quick-thinking cat seizes the opportunity for freedom. However, a man stationed outside the bathroom foils its cunning escape plan. He quickly intercepts the escaping furball and returns it to the woman in the bathroom. 

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The resigned cat stands in front of her, awaiting its fate. 

The woman then proceeds with the feline bath, gently washing the cat's face and body, followed by a spa-like experience under the warm breeze of a blow dryer. 

Bath-time reward 

Having accepted its grooming destiny, the cat emerges fresh and clean and is rewarded with a tasty treat. 

Here's the hilarious video:

This adorable escapade has amassed over a million views on the adorable cats' Instagram and a flood of likes and comments. 

Viewers express their delight with comments like "He is so cute," "How did you get the cat to sit so patiently? My cat just runs away," and a unanimous chorus of "So cute" accompanied by heart emojis.

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