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Cutest peacemaker jumps in to stop two cat friends fighting (video)


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Noticing tensions were running high, this clever kitty didn't hesitate to intervene. She knew exactly how to stop the fight from escalating. 

A clip shared recently on Reddit has unexpectedly gone viral, with 35,000 upshares and hundreds of comments. 

At first glance, it may just look like a video of two cats sizing each other up. With arched backs and plenty of grumbling, it's clear there's no love lost between them. 

Kitty conflict

As the situation escalates, their friend decides the time has come to jump in. Without a moment's hesitation, she walks over, and smoothly steps between the two. 

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Undeterred, they try to continue with their fight... but their friend has other ideas. Seamlessly turning back around, the tactful tabby isn't having any of the drama. She decides to stand between them while they both calm down. 

Playing peacemaker

One Reddit user took the time to explain, "I've got a cat who does this. Two of my other cats can't stand each other, but they both love him, so they've agreed to share custody of him and usually stop fighting when he's around. It's adorable". 

"Feline communication in full effect", agreed a viewer, "bushy tail cat will not allow any stress on their watch". "What an amazing little kitty", commented another. 

Watch the hilarious video here.

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