Ginger kitten with green watering can

Kitten emerges from watering can, but what comes out next leaves people speechless

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In a jaw-dropping video, a tiny kitten emerges from a narrow-looking plastic watering can, followed by an even more astonishing sight. 

Cat owners know their pets' knack for fitting into tight spaces, but this video shared on Reddit takes it to a new level.

Liquid kittens

The video starts with a little ginger kitten squeezing itself out of a green watering can. But as the video progressed, you saw more little kittens emerge from the watering can. 

Many viewers were left in awe, with some speculating in the comments that cats possess a mystical ability to assume a liquid state. This lets them fit into such constricted spaces.

Trick or feline magic?

While the exact number of kittens emerging from the watering is difficult to count, some Redditors questioned the video's authenticity, suggesting a possible photomontage. They noted that the can's bottom was never visible, prompting suspicions that it might have been removed to "push" the kittens through discreetly, creating the illusion.

Despite the scepticism, the video continues to captivate viewers, igniting debates about the mysterious abilities of felines to defy spatial constraints. Whether a touch of feline magic or an imaginative trick, it makes for fascinating viewing. 

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