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Man in stitches after discovering hilarious scene in next door garden (video)

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The man was just driving past his neighbour's garden when something rather surprising caught his eye.

As the man headed down the road, he heard a lawn mower running in his neighbour's garden.

Surprising sight!

As he got closer, the man expected to see his neighbour sitting on the mower when he glanced over.

But what he saw made him stop his car and do a double-take. It wasn't his neighbour mowing the grass. It was a rather surprising four-legged gardener.

Behind the controls of the sit-down mower was not the man's neighbour but their dog!

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Four-legged gardener

The man couldn't believe his eyes. Fortunately for us, he quickly pulled out his phone and began filming the remarkable scene. The hilarious video shows the dog on the ride-on mower with no human in sight. 

The dog looks very relaxed as it steers around the garden. In fact, the dog looks so comfortable with what it’s doing that it might very well be the pup’s regular job.

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