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Police uncover shocking mystery behind city's disappearing cats

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When a cat owner posted about her missing feline friend on social media, she was stunned when she received a chilling reply, “We know where your cat is”.

It's devasting to realise that your beloved pet has gone missing, and that’s just how one woman in Poland felt when her beloved cat disappeared from their garden.

Missing cat

The woman took to Facebook to share a photo of the cat Tosiu and ask people to look out for him. Thanks to social media, many owners have been reunited with their animals.

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After a while of not hearing anything about Tosiu, the woman received a surprise message from an anonymous person saying, “We know where your cat is…” along with a photo and an address. 

The woman headed to the address, and as she stood in front of the apartment block, she glanced up at the window, and sure enough, there was her cat scratching at the glass. She knocked on the door, and when a man and a woman opened it, she immediately demanded they return her cat. The couple refused, leading to a heated argument. But while arguing, they didn’t spot Tosiu sneaking out through a crack in the door before climbing into the woman’s arms. 

More to the story

The woman took Tosiu home and immediately reported what had happened to the police. But then, just three days later, Tosiu disappeared again. When the owner realised the same couple were behind her cat’s second disappearance, she contacted the police to report the theft.

When the police and animal welfare inspectors arrived at the couple’s home, they made a shocking discovery. To their astonishment, 25 cats were locked up with just one litter tray between them.

The police discovered that the other cats had also been stolen. However, the couple insists they just found the cats and took them in. Regardless of their claims, the police are pursuing charges against them.

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