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Cat makes extraordinary discovery: millions of viewers are in tears (video)

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The heartbreaking video of a mother cat reunited with her deceased kitten’s ashes is reducing everyone to tears.

Little Boofy had been born deaf and was constantly by his mother Serene’s side wherever she went. He was also very attached to his human family and would love to lay with them whenever he could to get as many strokes and cuddles as possible. He was a constant, loving presence for everyone in the household.

Tragic loss

But then, sadly, Boofy passed away, leaving everyone brokenhearted, especially Serene, a Ragdoll cat. His owners decided to have the little cat cremated. When they received Boofy’s ashes, they put the little package on the table.

Serene instantly took an interest in the mysterious package. She went over to the box and started sniffing it, so her owner opened the box so the cat could see what was inside. Serene could clearly smell something within the box. Could she smell Boofy?

Her owner showed her the little plastic bag containing Boofy’s ashes. Serene immediately put her nose inside when the bag was opened and sniffed deeply. 

Mother’s love

She then lay close to the box, almost giving it a comforting hug. It was as if she understood that her little Boofy was not coming back, and the smell of his ashes brought her comfort. Since then, Serene has slept next to that little box every night. 

Serene’s owner was so moved by what she saw that she shared it on Tiktok, where many agreed that cats feel pain and grief just the same as we do.

RIP Boofy.

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