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Family visiting dog shelter are speechless when something catches their eye

By Zoë Monk Content Writer

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When this family decided it was time to adopt a new dog, they couldn't believe their eyes when they spotted a familiar face at the shelter.

After losing a beloved family pet, it's normal not to want to rush into adopting another animal. That happened with this family whose family dog Dante had gone missing a while before. 

Missing Dante

The family had searched everywhere for their beloved canine companion, but it was as if he'd just disappeared.

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So, after sufficient time had passed, they decided to head to a shelter to find a new family pup. 

However, after checking out each kennel, none of the dogs they saw seemed right for them to adopt.

That was until they were just about to leave the shelter and one of the children spotted a familiar face. They couldn't believe their eyes. The dog looked identical to Dante.

Surprise reunion

Dante had gone missing in a different county than where the shelter was. But sure enough, their beloved Dante was at the shelter looking for a new home.

And there could be no doubt that it was Dante. He soon recognised the family and was visibly overjoyed to be reunited with them. With his tail wagging, he excitedly ran from person to person as if checking they were really them. 

The family were delighted to be able to take their old friend home and relieved that they didn't feel a connection with any of the other dogs because Dante was waiting for them.

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