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Watch: Golden Retriever jumps into the water for the best reason

Golden Retriever in water dog-happy
© Mark Freeley - Facebook

Solidarity between animals really does exist, as proves the following video. This brave Golden Retriever didn’t hesitate for a single second before jumping into the water to save a friend in distress.

By Justine Seraphin , 18 Sep 2019

Mark Freeley was walking his dogs on a beach in New York, near Port Jefferson, when his Golden Retriever, Storm, suddenly jumped into the water. And though Goldens love a good swim, this was about more than just fun…Storm was trying to rescue a drowning fawn!

In the right place at the right time

Once Storm reaches the feeble being, he grabs him in his mouth and swims him back to shore. It’s a beautiful thing to watch a dog do exactly what it was bred for – in this case, retrieving from the water!

Storm is very excited about having made a new friend, but the fawn is understandably a bit nervous at the sight of this huge dog jumping around him.

So Mark evidently made the right choice by calling the Save the Animals Rescue Foundation. STAR comes to the aid of injured, displaced, and orphaned wildlife and domestic animals in need of help. They were soon on site, and were able to bring the fawn back to their centre, where he could receive the care he needed.

A modest hero

As for Storm, he has resumed a life of long walkies by the lake, and remains attentive as ever for any fellow animal in need of rescue.

Watch the incredible moment below: