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Dog with half a face finally gets the happy ending he deserves

Dog is beaten and left with half a face dog-happy
© Viktor Larkhill - Youtube

Brutally beaten to the point of losing half of his face, the little canine, with much courage and resilience, fought to survive and finally got the life he deserved.

By Justine Seraphin , 30 May 2019

What started with a simple game soon turned into a blood bath.

A monster owner

The little dog, named Skye, just wanted to play. His owner, on the other hand, didn’t have the patience for it.

Skye asked again and again for attention, barking at his owner and inviting him to play. After a while, his owner just didn’t want to put up with it anymore. He stood up suddenly, grabbed the first sharp object he could find, and started violently beating the dog with it.

A long-awaited rescue

Fortunately for Skye, news about the condition he had been left in soon travelled to the local animal shelter. A volunteer from this shelter decided to go to his rescue. She went to pick him up and drove him straight to the veterinarians.

The nerves in Skye’s face had been so damaged that he could not even open his mouth. In fact, to be fed, Skye had to have a tube passed down his throat. The terrible beating had left him with only half of his face.

A new lease of life

After Skye was treated and started to recover, volunteers from the shelter published an announcement on social media, hoping that his personality would overshadow his looks and help him get adopted.

Skye was indeed adopted, but his injuries remained severe. His loving family decided to take him to Spain to see the only vet who might be able to do something more for him: Dr. Viktor Larkhill.

After several interventions, the man managed to completely heal what was left of the dog’s face. Skye is now able to successfully eat without a tube!

And after months of rehabilitation, she is now living a happy and serene life surrounded by her loving human and canine family.