Why do cats always cross the road at the last minute?


I was just wondering if there was an actual scientific reason for this. I have so many cats in my neighbourhood and they always seem to run in front of the car at the worst possible moment. 

2 Answers

Cats love to explore their environment, it may be that they realise at the last minute that there is danger. It would be interesting if there was a scientific reason. 

Hi! I've done a little research and it seems it is an innate response to danger! Animals, like cats, that are fast and agile will commonly allow a predator (or car) to approach them. Then, at the very last moment, it will run across its path. A predator would lag behind the agile cat, allowing it to escape.
A car simply moves too fast, and this avoidance tactic actually puts the cat directly in harm’s way. When startled, the cat may also backtrack across the road rather than continue to the other side. This is because the cat thinks the path behind is safer than the path before.

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